Santorini - Greece


OK, if you want to me to say something about Santorini I have to warn you first. Because to get to this beautiful greek island in the southern Aegean Sea you have to get on a boat to get there. I started my trip in Athens and decided I wanted to get to Santorini quickly so I took a speed boat. But it was the most terrible disgusting ever! Pretty much everyone on that boat (around 50 people or so) was vomiting. Without going into details I would like to recommend you to take a ferry boat which I did on my way back to Athens and it was very comfortable.

Let's talk about Santorini :)
It is an island is a giant central, rectangular lagoon that is surrounded by high steep cliffs on three sides with a hot desert climate. The main town is Fira. A place with beautiful architecture: low-lying cubical houses, made of local stone and whitewashed or limewashed with various volcanic ashes used as color.

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